Monday, February 16, 2004

And the Plural of Mice is....

And the Plural of Mice is...
Monday, February 16, 2004
8:20:00 AM CST

A mice issue has crept up, (so to speak) over the last couple of days. Victor brought it to my attention when he discovered a hole that you could fit a pencil through was eaten into his new felt hat. Others here had mentioned the issue of rodents, but I didn't think anything of it. Anyway, so one of the guys went over to the KBR building to get sticky paper or traps for the mice issue. He was told that it wasn't KBR's problem --call Floure--supposedly they take care of all physical issues concerning buildings and tents.

Well, let's give you some background on the KBR & ITT love affair here. ITT has been doing work in Iraq for quite some time now. When KBR came here, seems someone from ITT must have peed in their cornflakes one morning and now getting anything other than raspberries from KBR is like pulling teeth. This is why ITT contractors on Victory are in tents and all other contractors are in trailers. KBR is resigned to making the ITT guys as miserable as they can. Aren't political disagreements fun?

I guess the mouse issue was taken up the line because this afternoon, a KBR guy came to our tent to lay and deliver some sticky mouse strips. Don't know why the change of heart, but I'm not complaining. Maybe we should have also asked for trailers while we were at it!
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