Monday, February 16, 2004

BIAP and ISG Field Trip

BIAP and ISG Field Trip
Monday, February 16, 2004
6:22:00 AM CST

13 Feb 2004

Lee Bache and Ted Kinder came up to Baghdad with us and were to stay here at Camp Victory until a convoy was arranged to take them over to the Taji site - formerly Camp Franklin. Franklin had been moved to the Taji site due to the frequent mortar attacks. Anyway, plans have changed or have been put on hold as of this morning. So they will stay here at Victory until it is determined where they will go or if they will go.

This morning two of our coworkers took Victor and me on a field trip over to BIAP - Baghdad International Airport Compound. They have a bigger BX/PX *and* a Burger King. So, I got the chance to obtain a four-drawer plastic container to hold all me stuff. It feels more like home already. Stood in line for BK and Jay also buys the guards in the tanks at the gait a BK meal to show appreciation. The don't get to leave the post, and we don't have a BK or anything like that on post. So he takes care of them. I just thought that this was a nice gesture.

In the afternoon, Vic and I also joined Jay for another field trip over to another site in the area - ISG. ISG is situated on the old Bathe Party Headquarters. Ousay and Qusay also hung out in that area as well. This was also quite an elaborate compound. The Bathe Party Headquarters building was bombed pretty badly. One whole wing of the building is completely collapsed from a missle.

We also stopped and paid a visit to our ITT counterparts and got the guided tourl. They are definitely in a more dangerous spot than we are. The building in front of theirs has taken several direct hits from the locals. This building used to be a sort of convention center for the Bathe Party Headquarters and faces another man-made lake.

All in all, it was a great day for a field trip.
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