Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Dave's Raves

Dave's Raves
Wednesday, February 18, 2004
11:26:00 PM CST

18 Feb 2004

I know it's about time that I provided an update, but I've been rather sleep-deprived and crabby over the past three nights. I'd love to tell you that it was due to mortar rounds and helo's flying overhead. In fact, I'd rather post that then the truth! But, I think you all deserve the truth and are ready for it. No flowering up a bunch of lies, so here goes.

The last few nights have been difficult to sleep due to my neighbor in the bunk across from me playing his TV loudly and enjoying conjugal visits! Yes, conjugal visits. They play videos until well after midnight and don't turn the volume down until they're getting more intimate than I want to know or hear. I tried sticking my fingers in my ears and singing LA-LA-LA!, to no avail. They are still louder than me. This giggling and squealing until past midnight has to stop!

You might ask, how does this type of situation arise in an open bay tent? Well, if you remember my earlier discussion of our tent set-up, most of us have sheets, blankets or poncho's hung up to provide us a soft-walled cube or sleeping area. They apparently believe that these "walls" are either soundproof or that the rest of us are willing voyeurs.

I'm not going to break up the tea party. There are others who have noticed the situation and brought it to the attention of the receiving party that maybe they need to chill out a bit. Anyway, I think that the subject of his adoration is deploying back to the States this week. So, I guess the issue will clear on its own. I'm still debating whether to move to a smaller lot at the other end of the tent to avoid the TV noise once his amore' is gone. At any rate, the other side of the tent is a quieter side of town.

As long as I'm ranting, KBR laundry still doesn't have my clothes back and I've run out of skivvies!! I washed a load of clothes at the office, but they don't have a dryer in the office, so now all of my clothes are hanging all over my cube area and draped over things like my suitcase and one of my full duffel bags. I sure hope my underware dries by morning, otherwise I'll feel like I'm wearing a wet diaper to work tomorrow morning! :0

Well, enough of "Dave's Raves" for tonight. Say goodnight Gracie. Goodnight Gracie.
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