Monday, February 09, 2004

Getting Ready to Move 'em Out

Getting Ready to Move 'em Out
Monday, February 9, 2004
4:43:00 AM CST

09 Feb 2004

Got word toady that a group of us will be moved to the apod for preparation to deploy north. The Apod is the staging area at the Kuwait Airport which we first came into. So, tomorrow night will probably be spent under the "big top", the big white circus tent. No biggie, this isn't a permanent situation.

Looking back at my entries, I realize that I really didn't explain any of the accomodations here at Camp Doha. Since we are contractors and transitionary, we are nearly lower than dirt. We have an open bay sleeping area with about 20 or so bunk beds in an old converted warehouse. The bathrooms and laundry facilities are across the alley from us. But not only we use these sleeping quarters, but troops that come through for an overnight will be bunked with us too. It ain't the Ritz, but it is a hellofa lot better than tents and porta-potties.

The chow hall is your normal cafeteria-style eatery. Sometimes the food is good, sometimes it isn't as good. They do always seem to have a lettuce salad at the salad bar and fast food is also available if you don't like the main course.

The weather during this past week has been tolerable. Clear, sunny and temps anywhere during the day between 60-70 degrees F. They have a very well stocked Base Exchange/Post Exchange. The food court in the AAFES facilities includes Starbuck's Coffee, the internet cafe, KFC, Subway, Baskin Robins Ice Cream and Pizza Hut to name a few. Also included in the court are gold/jewelry dealers, rug dealers and other kiosks.

Now that I know that I'm leaving, I'm kind of stuck with about 30 Kuwaiti dinar, about $95 US. That's ok, I'll find a way to spend it on the way out next year.
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