Friday, February 20, 2004

Haute Cuisine at Camp Victory

Haute Cuisine At Camp Victory
Saturday, February 21, 2004
3:11:00 AM CST

20 Feb 2004

My good friend Laura Voll from my old MBA study group wrote me an email and was concerned about what we get to eat. First off, I have been avoiding MRE's since the very beginning. Meals Ready to Eat are not exactly what I enjoy eating, so I'm a hold-out for real food. Anyway, Laura here is the menu from today. Please keep in mind that this food is still served in a chow hall, no matter how tasty it sounds. Also, all taste and flavor has been removed as per military edict.

Breakfast: omlets to order, scrambled eggs, breakfast burritos, french toast, pancakes, fruit, cold and hot cereal.

Lunch: meatloaf burgers, stew meat over rice, brussel sprouts, and assortment of fast foods like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, etc., salads and lettuce, fruit and assorted desserts to include ice cream from Bahrain (the Kuwaiti milk and ice cream is much better)

Dinner: (Good thing I picked Friday to write this!) prime rib, shrimp, fish, rice, mashed potatos, salads, fruit, and ice cream.

Now keep in mind that there is a whole salad bar out there and other deserts as well. So, there is way too much variety and plenty to eat. We aren't going to starve, or not until KBR starts cutting back on our meals to make up that $200 million dollar overcharge to the government for the food and fuel bought from Kuwait.
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