Sunday, February 22, 2004

It Wasn't Avon Calling!!

It Wasn't Avon Calling!!
Sunday, February 22, 2004
11:48:00 PM CST

22 Feb 2004

We got woken up this morning very unexpectantly at 4 a.m. this morning. I heard someone fumblineg around with the zipper on the tent to come in or out and I just figured that it was Victor and Chris since they have been getting up at 5 a.m. to workout. Then I heard someone say, "you got a flashlight?" "Yes, right here."

Now, I want you to imagine your best recollection of Mr. Hainey from Green Acres. "KBR Security. Is there a representative from ITT in this tent?" Well, if the military didn't teach us anything, it was never volunteer unless you are specifically addressed by name. Even if they'd have shone the light in my face, I'd have feigned death sooner to admit that I was with ITT at that point. Victor, unfortunately for him, doesn't have sheets or a blanket up around his area, so they got him. "Yes, I'm with ITT."

"One of your employees has been arrested for drug possession, drunk and disorderly, breaking and entering, assaulting a female officer, resisting arrest..." Victor broke in then, "Could we discuss this outside?" Right then one of the old-timers who have been here for four months came out and said that he would go with them.

The alleged guilty party is to be flown out tomorrow morning. People in the office have been pretty quite about the whole issue; and for good reason. There is more history to this story, but I want to keep my job and don't know who all is reading this. Ask me once I receive my contract bonus and I'll bring the handwritten journal and we can discuss it over a beer or three at Rock Bottom in Warrenville,Illinois. It's pretty simiple; if you *need* to have liquor, you should be looking elsewhere for a job.

There was an article in the Stars & Stripes just last week about two rapes that occured here on Camp Victory last month. The new Colonel has only arrived on base for a visit about three days ago and hasn't been very cordial with ITT to start with. I'm sure that this incident is going to go over like a lead balloon. If we thought that we had problems getting trailers for our people before this incident, I'm sure that this isn't going to bring him over to our side. I already can hear his response, "Trailers!!! You idiots need cages!!!"
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