Saturday, February 07, 2004

Life at Camp Doha, Kuwait

Life at Camp Doha, Kuwait
Saturday, February 7, 2004
10:38:00 PM CST

05 February 2004

Had a good workout today. First one in over two weeks. Sal and I got up at 5 am, ate chow, and went over to MWR to work out. Afterward, we got to talking with a guy who had come back last night from Basrah. He is an ITT guy who ended up having a bit of a disagreement about water usage with a naked Brit Lt. Col. (who wasn't tatood with his rank). The lt. col. was screaming at him about water useage and wouldn't let up. Basically, I guess that he told the guy to piss off so that he could get the soap off of his body and out of his hair. This guy wanted the ITT guy to just turn off the water and get out with all the soap still in his eyes. Sounds like our guy ended up a political pawn in the whole scheme of things. He wasn't recommended for dismissal, only for relocation in theater.

Called my sister Deb today. Hated to wake her, but needed to let her know that I'm ok. There is a nine hour difference between Kuwait and Phoenix. She broke the news to me that she had spoken with Phil and he had to board Cayenne at the vet until her stitches come out. I'm glad that he made that decision. He needs the rest and couldn't get any sleep because he was always worried that she was going to rip out the stitches and the bandage before it healed.

I've been worried about holw Phil is taking this whole situation. Deb said that she spoke with him and he seems to be in good spirits. That put my mind at ease. Leaving him with two healing dogs wasn't the easiest thing to do.
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