Saturday, February 07, 2004

Onto New Jersey and Kuwait

Onto New Jersey and Kuwait
Saturday, February 7, 2004
10:45:00 AM CST

03 Feb 2004 Continued

We flew from Fort Bliss directly to Newark on the first leg. In Newark, we had a crew change and fueled up for the next leg to Kuwait City. The first flight was about 4 hours and 15 min. We must have been on the ground in Newark for about an hour or so and then left Newark for the 11 hour and 20 minute trip to Kuwait City.

I tried to sleep during this flight, but couldn't seem to get comfortable. So I ended up watching Under the Tuscan Sun and The Jury. Then I read a bunch of my Harry Potter book 2. Almost finished with this one. I did manage to sleep about 1 1/2 hours somewhere in there.

I thought about home when we were over Iraq. We flew to the north and west of Baghdad at about 37000 feet at what was about 4 am Chicago time. The food on the plane was good and plentiful. The main meal was chicken filets or beef. On the flight to Newark, AFEES provided burgers that weren't too bad either.

Landed in Kuwait City at about 1430 local time. Then we were bussed over to the army post on the airport for processing. Couldn't help but to think about how much Kuwait Airport looked like a US Air Force Base. USAF cargo planes mixed in with some British Airways and Kuwaiti Airlines planes.

We did manage to catch chow since we had time between processing and waiting for the baggage to get moved off the plane. Another big white circus tent, but a great selection of food. Also made a trip to the little BX/PX on the site. A few people went over to the AT&T tent to phone home. It was only midmorning, so there really wasn't anyone I could call that would be around. Besides, I really didn't have much to tell at this point. I'll call home over the weekend.
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