Saturday, February 07, 2004

Uggh! Jet Lag

Uggh! Jet Lag
Saturday, February 7, 2004
11:30:00 AM CST

04 Feb 2004

Pretty stinkin jet lagged today! Got up at 0500 - just because I couldn't sleep anymore. We also got woke up this morning about 0100 by a group of incoming from Basrah. They will be bunking with us until they are deployed out again or until they head back stateside. We had briefings today with our gaining unit commander of the 160th. The briefing also included info about where we are going and further info about all the different sites - equipment, size, blah, blah, blah. (and more opsec bs that I'm privy to and you're not!)

A post script to our briefing with the 160th. The captain made a remark that the money may have made some of us civilians come on board for this mission. But, he remarked, the larger truth is that for us to come all this way and face the challenges we will now face, down deep we must hold a certain belief in the mission and in what our country is trying to accomplish in Iraq for the Iraqis and for the people of the middle east.

I'll be deploying up to a site near Baghdad, more later. I'm kind of bummed out a bit that we aren't all going to be deployed as a group. Four of us have become close since we spent so much time together when we stayed at the Bliss Inn. Now, word is that one of our 18 is going to leave for home. A certain misinterpretation of his contract and stubborness along with inflexibility on his part have made him consider that this may not be his cup of tea. Guess his discussion with HR became rather heated.

Here is a good one. I'm at Camp Doha, Kuwait at the chow hall for chow today. Looked over my shoulder and saw someone who looked familiar. This Air Force SMSgt looked strikingly like Stefan from Kalkar, Germany. Got a look at his name tag and sure enough it read Padillo! I called out his name and I think he was pretty surprised too. He says to me, "how long has it been?" I told him since 1987 when I left Kalkar and the Air Force. We exchanged email addresses and got on with lunch. He was on his way out of Kuwait. What a trip, can't seem to go anywhere in the world without running into someone from my past. The only thing that pisses me off is that he has less grey hair than me! Other than that, it was great to see him.
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