Monday, February 16, 2004

Windstorm AND Sandstorm

Windstorm AND Sandstorm
Monday, February 16, 2004
10:24:00 AM CST

15 Feb 2004

Quite a windstorm last night. I was hoping that the roof of the tent would blow off, but no such luck. The velcro strips on the window next to my bunk came undone in the storm and cold air kept rushing in because the zipper on the tent door at our end doesn't close. We might as well have been sleeping outside. From everything I've heard, itsn't the job here or the mortars that make you want to leave, it's the living conditions provided by KBR!

By morning, the only damage to the tent is a few pulled stakes. I'm sure that KBR will be all over those work requests from ITT!

Reading the Stars and Stripes today made me hope they are going to get what is due them. Halliburton is under investigation for "war-profiteering under a broad contract KBRhas to provide logistical support to the military." (in Iraq) Quote in the Stars and Stripes, Sunday February 15,2004, page 3.

HA!!! Maybe we can't get proper living conditions from KBR, but knowing that their company is under the microscope may be the only satisfaction we will get at ITT in Iraq. I hadn't realized that Kellogg, Brown & Root, aka KBR were a subsidiary of Halliburton.

On to other happenings. Mark your calendars for the Washington Redskins Cheerleaders. Yes, the same ones that pushed our departure from Camp Wolf back a day, will be at Camp Victory on Feb 17th. So bring your cameras and bring a permanent marker for them to autograph the group pictures!;) Additionally, plan on attending the MWR Salsa Dance on Feb 21st starting at 2000.

We had a great sandstorm here today. It only lasted about three hours, but it cut visibility on the base to about 500 feet. I'll be digging sand outta my ears for a week or growing potatoes. What was neat was that the sky turned an amber color and when we looked at office windows and open doors lit with flourescent lighting, the lights almost shone like a black light was lit --a very eery blue glow. The storm cleared up around 5 pm and the sky was clear with no clouds the rest of the night. All for now.

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