Friday, March 26, 2004

An Evening at Ishtar

An Evening at Ishtar
Friday, March 26, 2004
11:52:00 PM CST

26 Mar 2004

We started the evening at the ISG Chow Hall for Steak and Shrimp. I think that half of ITT from Victory was there!

From there we went to the Ishtar Restaurant in Baghdad Intl Airport on the 4th floor. Sounds like once the highway is open, we will be forbidden to come to the Ishtar. Things were mellow and the company was good. I've been there nights when things were somewhat out of hand. Sometimes, Brits and alcohol don't mix. They sure like to party. But, not tonight.

Sitting around we were talking about some of the comical situations occuring over the last week or so at Victory. We got a new flag holder at the doorway of our building this week. The thing looks like a missle cone. Dan was over there tapping it with a bottle of water seeing if he could simulate impact and some Sgt walking past was giving him a questionable look. I know it looked goofy.

Things being so dry here, everything is really dusty and dirty. We haven't had rain in over nine weeks so far. We were walking back from lunch the other day and walked past an SUV with graffetti scrawled in the dirt on the window, "I wish my wife was this dirty!"

We got a new tech controller in this last week. He is really a breath of fresh air. Frank has a great sense of humor and can take it as well as he hands it out. So Frank reports that our Babylon circuit is down again. I tell him, "Don't worry, it will be back up as soon as the shepherd has moved his sheep from the one pasture to the other and closes the gate." His response was as serious as a heart attack. "Oh, really? Okay." This is kind of a techie joke. The insinuation being that the circuit will be completed again and traffic passing once the gate closes.

There is this old rubberized flag holder at the base of the steps to the building. Originally, it probably held the unit flag, but hasn't since before I've been here. Frank had just finished a cigarette and put his still-lit butt into this flag holder. As Dan and I spring away from that spot, Dan urgently says, "What are you doing? That is a vent for the diesel tank below the street here!" The look on Frank's face was pure panic until Dan started roaring. Frank, not quite convinced, then throws a stone down the "vent" to see if he can hear the stone hit bottom.
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