Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I Luv Ewe

I Luv Ewe
Tuesday, March 9, 2004
11:31:00 PM CST

09 Mar 2004

After dropping off her highness, we decided to do alittle Haji shopping. Eve found the bike locks she was looking for and purchased them for $3 a piece. She will sell them for $5 a piece back on base(the cost of handling and transport!) Made a stop over at ISG and the Haji shop there. That is the one where I saw the 4X6 rugs that I liked. They had an all silk rug that was beautiful, but $950.

This shop also had some unbelievable antiquities. Can't ship them back home, but they sure remind me of field trips in grade school to the University of Chicago Oriental Institute. This museum has all kinds of artifacts from the Middle East. In case you're wondering, the name is to indicate Oriental as opposed to Occidental. So the collections held are from Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Isreal, Jordan, Syria, etc.

The museum also had this huge stone statue that they opened up the wall to move it in. It is a winged horse with the head of a human. I have seen this creature on several post cards and pictures of Babylon and that area. I'd love to get the chance to go there and see some of those sites there.

Got back to site at Victory from our field trip to BIAP and ISG and gathered up my wet laundry to hang dry it. Got everything up on the line outside tent 37 and then Eve, Allen and Tony come driving up to hijack me to go to dinner at Ishtar. I told them I need to take down my laundry first. I'm not leaving my laundry out on display! At which they proceded to make fun of my little sockies all hung symetrically on a hanger with a clothes pin on each, five to a hanger. I'm an organized kind of guy, what can I say.

The food at the Ishtar was great too--because it wasn't chow hall food! Eve and Allen had the Spagetti Bolognase, Tony had the shrimp fettuccini and I had the lamb chops. Let me tell you, you can't pull one over on me. Those lamb chops were really mutton chops- they've been around the block a few times and had some miles on 'em! Still, I haven't had lamb/veal in awhile, so it was a good change.

All in all, it was a nice day off. Oh, and about the posting name; take that to mean that I like to eat lamb, not any of your other interesting (and possibly sick or demented) inferences! Besides, there aren't any cliffs here to lead them to ;)
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