Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Oh, Now I Understand!

Oh, Now I Understand!
Tuesday, March 2, 2004
10:37:00 PM CST

02 Mar 2004

Ok, maybe I drew my conclusions too fast. More rumors are flying around about the whole snitch incident. Apparently, it wasn't so much about the drinking as about the guy who got drunk at this one unmentioned station one midnight shift and was waving around an ill-gotten pistol. Not only that, but a captain on duty reported the incident to his station commander who in turn called the unit commander at Camp Doha.

See, according to General Rule #1, guns are sort of out of bounds for the civilians too along with alcohol,drugs, antiquities, etc. Go figure. The rumor goes that a handful at this station are actively dealing in ill-gotten weapons and are taking them apart to hide them in the APO mail to send home. I guess one could hide a barrel in a carpet, and other pieces other ways.

Anyway, I'm glad I'm not the country manager for ITT at this point trying to explain things to the Army. With two incidents in the past two weeks from one contractor, (ITT) he has to be "doin sum splainin Lucy!" First you have one employee drinking, assaulting, etc, then you have another drinking and waving weapons around like Poncho Villa...Who says the spirit of Uday Hussain isn't alive and well in Iraq? Or was that Qusay?

Although the whole gun thing could be a farce. After we got here, Victor had to have this lighter that looked like a 9 mm. He saw this thing at the BX/PX in Doha and *had* to have it. He felt left out since everyone else had guns. If that wasn't enough, he decided that he needed a holster for it. So, not only did it look like a real gun, he was carrying it as such. With so many people carrying weapons around here, noone batted an eyelash. Who is to say that this drunk clown wasn't wielding a lighter? Who knows? Still, any rumors of gun aquisition and smuggling make for some pretty interesting tongue-wagging.

All we know is that in these kind of situations all we can count on is rumors!
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