Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Snitch

The Snitch
Tuesday, March 2, 2004
2:59:00 AM CST

01 Mar 2004

The snitch is golden in Harry Potter's adventures. But in a tight-knit workplace where things can get easily blown out of proportion, a snitch is someone who quickly becomes despised and always suspect. Now that I know *who* the company "plant" is, I feel like we are tip-toeing around the Nazi spy in the office that doesn't know he's been discovered.

The snitch I'm talking about was pulled from another station after reporting several of his "friends" for drinking and having alcohol, but also for possession of an AK47. Okay, I am not advocating that we all go out and buy old AK47's, but.... He got caught by the alcohol nazi's and sang like a canary. So the country manager went easy on him as long as he got the info needed.. We are finding the new office politics interesting, are we not?

So now the snitch is planted at Victory for a month of "retraining" (and information gathering I suspect) so he can be planted, oops, strike that, placed at another site. Interesting for us, he is planted in our shop. I honestly think that he will manage to self-destruct in a few weeks. He is loud, obnoxious, know-it-all and generally rubs you the wrong way like sandpaper. You can make me work with him and train him, but you can't make me like him. I've lived with one like him during my winter-over in Antarctica. We mutually needed each other there for the station to stay running and the mission to be successful, but I have no need for him here. Someone else can play the part of "corporate best buddy" him.

March has come in like a lamb. Warm, hazy skies and temps about 75F. Not too much else going on here.
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