Sunday, March 21, 2004

Tying Up Loose Ends

Tying Up Loose Ends
Sunday, March 21, 2004
11:08:00 PM CST

21 Mar 2004

Just a hodge-podge of things rattling around inside my empty head tonight. First off, Tweety is actually a very sweet woman. But, (you knew there was more to it) she is also a very troubled woman. Wade had lent his ear to her once and she just wasn't done bending it. She received papers from a lawyer this week that her ex husband wants custody of the kids. The kids are with her Mom right now and she is trying to get some money together while she is in Iraq working on giving her and the kids a better life. Her ex had done time for drugs and now that he is out, wants the kids, or just to make her miserable. So, she is very torn about what to do now.

Next, I apologized to Tony for inciting his outburst last week. We all work too close together for us not to get along here. So, I saved him his pride and I did the apologizing. I think that my Mom taught us too good how to pull people's chains. I gotta say in all honesty, it was pretty cool to see him pop his cork like he did! So I have a sick sense of accomplishment...sue me!

Dan and Wade are leaving for Babylon via convoy this week. Chris Chafin who came in with Dan is probably transfering over to ISG/Camp Slayer across the highway from Victory. Kenyon, one of our CRC buddy's that is down at Camp Wolf next to Doha, says that there are already 40 ITT people down at Doha awaiting assignment with more on the way. Where the heck are they stationing everyone??? RJ was supposed to leave for Afghanistan after being here a month, but no word yet for him. And a satcom guy here at Victory has volunteered to deploy to a job at a "hot" site in the Sunni Triangle. So which is worse; Groundhog Day, or mortar and gunfire?

I say Groundhog Day because it is getting to feel like everyday you wake up is the same day--just like in the Bill Murray movie, Groundhog Day. You lose track of the days and even what day of the week it is around here.

Hope Sal is doing better in Bagram, Afghanistan. Seems he got a bad case of Osama's Revenge from the chow hall. Maybe Osama's cover is as a cook! I'd watch that mutton stew next time Sal. Or was it the goat's milk yogurt?
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