Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Victory TCF

Victory TCF
Wednesday, March 3, 2004
1:20:00 AM CST

02 Mar 2004

Day off today, so I did laundry and am just waiting for it to line dry in the 85F sun. People have been emailing me and wanting to know what I do over here. My official job title is Tech Controller. I work in the communications facility or Tech Control Facility here at Camp Victory. We normally have two or three people on a shift and we monitor the equipment providing communications to different Army bases and sites mainly in Iraq. If a VTC (video teleconferencing circuit) has taken a hit making the video jumpy for the "customer", we get a call from our customer requesting we check the status of the circuit or trunk and verify the quality of the line carrying that circuit. If our equipment or lines have not seen any hiccups, the lines or the equipment on the other end my need to be checked.

Lately, since before I've been on station, we have been having issues with the path on a trunk going to another site in Iraq. More often than not, the problem has been worked to the satellite shot and problems at the sat comms vans at one end or the other. The Army has even dispatched their experts to troubleshoot this issue. The problems apparently began when the last unit deployed back home and took their "known good" equipment back home with them. Since the new unit arrived and installed their gear on the lines, things haven't been running quite as clean.

So alot of my job requires monitoring and querying circuit cards for perfomance. The equipment isn't much different from any other multiplexer that I've worked with in the past. It is probably most similar to the Newbridge equipment that I worked with at the FAA in Aurora when I worked for MCI. I am thankful that I got posted here at Victory. This site keeps pretty busy as far as the phones ringing off the hook and install activity, so the days go fast. I'm also working with a great crew here. Hope that I can say that all the way till the end of contract.
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