Saturday, April 03, 2004

Aufwiedersehen Baghdad

Aufwiedersehen Baghdad
Saturday, April 3, 2004
6:59:00 AM CST

03 Apr 2004

I didn't get out of Baghdad as I had expected on the first of April (no foolin'!) When I got up to BIAP-MAC, the 01 April flight at 1600 had only 12 spaces available and four of those were for emergency leave. The eight remaining seats were filled by people who had been waiting since Wednesday afternoon. Call time for tomorrow's flight would be at 0650. We headed back to Victory and I was hoping that my bunk was still open. Thursday night was quiet, but I still had trouble sleeping. I had been wound-up both nights so tight that I didn't get a whole lot of sleep either night.

We arrived on Friday morning at 0600 for the revised 0640 call time. They said that all of us PAX would make the flight to Camp Doha, Kuwait. Just as we had to "cork screw" into Baghdad Intl on the C130 in, we did the same routine going up and out (making sure to fly over the safe zones). It didn't feel quite as dramatic cork-screwing up as it did when we came down on my first flight in. We ended up with a quick stop-over in Al Asaid for six passengers about a half hour into the flight (a planned stop) and then it was another hour out to Kuwait.
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