Saturday, April 17, 2004

Delayd in Qatar

Delayed in Qatar
Saturday, April 17, 2004
2:51:00 AM CDT

15 Apr 2004

I got my flight information late yesterday afternoon that I would be leaving Thursday night for Kuwait City. That changed this morning as I found out that my flight has been cancelled. I was sitting down this morning with Rick over a beer and wondering what flights Gilda at the Middle East Office would find available when she called back. Same flight number, same time, tomorrow. So, Clayton is going to take me out to a bar tonight that is frequented by the Aussies here. He had a previous Aussie girlfriend so he knows all about their hangouts.

At least I will be getting out of this villa. The walls are starting to close in on me at night. Babr dropped me off, but I don't have transportation and Rudy never asks me if I need anything from the store as he is blowing in and out. I've been eating some big lunches lately, so I really don't need dinner, but it would be nice if some consideration would be extended. He's a weird bird anyway.

Rick works nights, so the only time I get out with him has been when he has days off. I don't like to feel like I'm imposing on people, so it's hard for me to push myself on people if they aren't receptive or perceptive. So I've raided the cupboards here and am eating Ramen noodles and boiling a couple of eggs for eggsalad for lunch. Clayton will deliver me from this boredom at around 5 tonight. I've been washing clothes and sheets thinking that I was leaving, so for now I'm content to watch CNN and BBC World on the TV.

Gilda said that I could have caught a 3 pm flight to Bahrain and a connection to Kuwait later tonight if I wanted. But if I'm stopping in Bahrain, I want at least an overnight there. Besides, at least I get to hang out with Clayton and Rick for one more night. They are both off tomorrow.
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