Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Full Battle Rattle

Full Battle Rattle
Wednesday, April 21, 2004
1:55:00 AM CDT

20 Apr 2004

Last week Victory had been hit with a number of incoming mortars and rockets. We've been running around in full "battle rattle" since this time. Full battle rattle means wearing the flak vest (with plates is about 20 lbs) and the kevelar helmet (another 8 or so lbs, or it feels that way on my neck). You feel like a weeble ready to topple over with all this stuff on. The Army finally was able to get the armor plates delivered out in the field. I feel sorry for the poor gate guards who have to always wear this stuff standing around in the 100+ degree heat for hours on end.

While I was gone, Vicotry did take hits from rockets. Two hit about seventy yards from the tent I'm in and about fifty yards from Blue's Tower. The SUV's that were parked next to this area were totalled. A guy in the porta pottie would have been killed by shrapnel that tore right through the porta pottie. Good thing he was taking a "sit down call."

Rockets also hit at Lost Lake. They landed in the street right near the EOD (explosive ordinance detonation) people and buildings. How's that for home delivery? One was impaled in the pavement and unexploded.

PT (physical training) has also been cancelled unless you want to wear your gear while jogging! One of the soldiers injured in one of the attacks was jogging around Lost Lake. I hear that a TCN (third country national) was also killed during this same attack at that side of the base.

Rumor has it that there were some guys (insurgent types) seen outside the gates in the last couple of weeks with suspected GPS gear. Who knows what is true, but they would have to have some coordinates in order to launch with any accuracy. The Iraqis aren't known for their accuracy and these rockets are said to have been launched from a distance of 20-30 km.

Reports currently are that we were supposed to receive more attacks in the next 36-48 hours from Sunday night. We had rainstorms last night and I guess that the insurgents are all worried about getting their hair-doo's wet, so they were quiet last night. Like, OMG, who could even think of launching rockets with frizzy hair?

On the positive side, there have been helocoptors overhead as thick as mosquitos over the last few days. I think we are onto their locations and activities. Time will tell. But in the mean time, no vehicles leave the compound. We are getting in food and supplies. No mail over the last week. I think that the office supplies that I sent myself from Qatar were among the last mail items arrived on site.
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