Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Meanwhile, Back in Baghdad...

Meanwhile, Back in Baghdad...
Tuesday, April 20, 2004
11:24:00 PM CDT

20 Apr 2004

or as the Europeans would write it, 20-04-2004

I was fortunate enough not to have to spend the night at Camp Wolverine APOD on Sunday. I got on the 9 pm flight back to Baghdad. Got a bit of a scare on the way back. About 5 minutes prior to landing, I heard a sound like an explosion and then saw an orange glow. We were already descending so fast that my ears couldn't pop fast enough or often enough for the continued altitude loss. Unlike the previous corkscrew approaches, we took the screaming, screaching halt approach. You would have thought that we were landing on an aircraft carrier - after landing, our hair was all glued forward at our faces like Liza Minelli! Then I remembered that the pilots release flares upon approach as a heat decoy for any heat seeking missles that might be launched in our direction.

By the time we retrieved out luggage off the pallets, it was already midnight. There was no chance of getting a ride back to Victory at this hour and people were already crashed out in sleeping bags on the rocks near the luggage. A group of four ofus ended up in one of the huge tents. With no available cots, two of us were fortunate enough to have found room on a plywood counter long enough to roll out two sleeping bags.

At 730 am, I called back to Victory but they weren't sure that they would be able to come get me. "Call back when Phil (our site supervisor) comes in in another half hour." Screw that noise! One of the guys I was hanging with had his manager arrive for him and they were headed back to Victory. They offered a ride back and I gladly accepted. It worked out good since I ended up back at Building 7 by around 0845. It felt good to be back on familiar ground.

I got settled back in tent 37 again and have the cot next to my old space. Went up to the BX and bought a new plastic 4-drawer unit and a rug, swept alittle and unpacked. Ended up taking a little three hour nap before attempting to catch up on the gossip here.
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