Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Trip South

The Trip South
Saturday, April 10, 2004
12:46:00 AM CDT

05 April 2004

Finally got out of Camp Doha. Got woken up this morning by an incoming ITT group of nine people that sounded like a herd of cattle coming through. They tried to make as much noise as they could and did everything but turn on the lights at 4 am. I snapped when one of them was throwing his bags in the wall locker at the back of my head. He knocked off my bottle of water and clock nearly hitting me in the head! After I swore at him, he chilled out a bit. There was no reason for him to be throwing crap around like that and creating the noise that they were making.

I boarded a Kuwait Airlines Airbus for Doha, Qatar at the International terminal and arrived in Qatar at 3 pm. I ended up paying over $100 in excess baggage charges because Phil, my site sup, said to take everything. He said that if I'm going to be gone 90 days (that was his interpretation of what was going to occur) then I may not be returning to Victory. Looking closer at my airline ticket, (which I didn't receive until I got to Kuwait) I find a return date to Kuwait City of 09 April. Not too big a deal as tickets can always be changed or extended and round trips are cheaper.

I was met at the airport by two tech controllers from Camp As Sayliya, Rick and Rudy. They couldn't believe how much luggage I had and were wondering how we were going to fit it all in the little Nissan Sunny they had. "I guess you never heard of packing light! Why did you pack so much for a three day class?" (Here is the Southpark, Kyle's Mom thing again) What, what, what?!!

Now I'm finding out that they have heard that I'm only in Qatar for a few days. Okay, what's up? I called Barb at the office and anyone's best guess at this point is that Joe (Iraq country manager) must have heard 90 days versus 9 days. This is only a guess.

So now I'm kind of concerned about where I'm going to end up after all is said and done. My number was about to come up for a trailer at Victory, so I would have been moving out of a tent soon with any luck. I'm wondering if that is history now and my name back to the back of the list. I've just packed up my life back into a suitcase and am now finding that I might not be staying away for all that long. I'm going to go into the office with Rick to call Victory and see if Phil can follow-up on this and let me know. Just between you (you all) and me, I'm alot more pissed about this situation than my writing lets on. If I'd been told that it was only a 9 day TDY, that's cool. But to pack up everything for a big "bag drag" all around hell's half acre and back again, kinda puts the old undies in a bundle if you know what I mean! Severe lack of organization and virtually no communication.

One other note. Since I first heard that I was coming to Qatar, I've been wondering what the heck is the proper pronunciation of this country's name. I've heard "cutter" accent on the first syllable, "cotter" also accent on the first syllable and "ca - tar" accent on the second syllable. All three as I've come to find out are considered correct but the latter seems to be the most commonly used so far.
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