Saturday, April 03, 2004

Welcome Back to Camp Doha, Kuwait

Welcome Back to Camp Doha, Kuwait
Saturday, April 3, 2004
7:12:00 AM CST

03 Apr 2004

Being back in Kuwait has provided some unexpected culture shock of sorts. They actually have hot and cold running water here! (I'm used to cold and colder running water) I actually got to shave with tepid water in front of a real mirror this morning, not the highly polished metal "mirror" back in the shower tents of Victory. Someone remarked that shaving in front of those mirrors at Victory is like trying to shave in front of a wavey circus mirror. Flush toilets are a real luxury too, but I can't determine yet if they are any better smelling than the porta potties (but the writing on the walls is much more interesting! No RPG jokes Dietrick. Where are you when we need your wit and humor? (see Feb 20th posting)) And I even get to wash my hands with soap and water afterwards. The porta potties only have hand sanitizers back home at Victory.

I slept great last night too after two nights of not sleeping too well. The mattress on this full size single bed is huge. I've gotten used to sleeping on a bed that is only the width of a cot. Worrying every night that if you turn over in the middle of the night you'll find yourself on the floor.

The trip to the BX/PX was nice too. I got to pick up some Dockers, a couple of button down shirts and other clothes for the business casual environment that I'll be working in once I get to Qatar. As expected the the food court was great. Last night I had a two-scoop ice cream at Baskin Robbins and this morning I got a *real* cup of coffee at Starbucks. I couldn't bring myself to drink the sludge they call coffee at the chow hall at Victory. Better to go without than to ruin my taste buds.

I'm in the internet cafe right now updating my journal and surfing the internet at speeds a bit faster than death! It ain't T-1, but it is at least like dial-up. This is great. Adam is checking with the office today and I might leave for Qatar as soon as tonight, but more likely tomorrow. More info as available.
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