Friday, May 14, 2004

20lbs of Marshmellows in a 5lb bag

20lbs of Marshmellows in a 5lb Bag

14 May 2004

Good Morning! Last night I was going to relax and finally write out a few cards and letters, but plans got changed. Chris who I came here from CRC with, got notice that he has a trailer, so I ended up moving over to his spot in the back corner of the tent. We also had a KBR guy come in and drop off five cots for at least 4 people to arrive at 4 am or something like that. Things are going to be getting a bit more cozy in our tent. We have had only 7 people in our tent for the past month, so we have had some room to spread out some. Last night, Scott and I measured out and marked in pencil on the plywood flooring, five equal spaces on each side of the tent. Each bunk is allowed 6 feet 4 inches by about a 7 and 1/2 foot space. Not much space when you start taking into consideration that we've got two duffel bags of military crap, at least two suitcases, and then the cot. Now add to this a trunk and whatever else you've managed to accumulate along the way and we're talking 20 lbs of crap squeezed into a 5 lb bag. It's not enough that you can't even roll over in your cot at night without slapping your bunkie next to you in the face. (kind of like 3 stooges, huh?) Privacy is becoming less and less available anymore. The only privacy we have now is if you go out and use one of the few remaining individual porta potties. Now, you tell me, who wants any more moments than necessary simmering in a nasty porta pottie in 100 + degree heat?! Say no more! The air conditioned "confessional" porta potties in trailers are a bit less smelly, so that' a no-brainer.
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