Thursday, May 20, 2004

Abu Ghraib Bound

Abu Ghraib Bound

20 May 2004

"The Army is setting up a new communications center at the Abu Ghraib Compound and I think you would be a great candidate for the lead tech position there. It will only be about 90 days and it's a great opportunity." All the blood completely drained from my face. I could feel my ears getting hot. I don't know if I was more pissed off or surprised at that point.

We have been hearing rumors that ITT was going to get tasked to support a new mission at Abu Ghraib, but I didn't want to even think about it. The conditions there are sparse at best. Eating MRE's, sleeping in cells or tents on the grounds, limited space and freedom and always demonstrations outside and mortar attacks. I didn't think that we had enough manpower to support any other missions at this point, so I figured it is a non-issue. Besides, after all the scandal that has taken place lately at the prison, *that* would be the last thing I would want on my resume! I can see explaining that in an interview. Me in my gray pin-striped suit with the red power tie and my nicely shined black shoes:

"So I see you were in Iraq at Camp Vicotry. I would really like you to tell me what you did at Abu Ghraib?" To which I reply, "Yes, I worked as a communications tech at Abu Ghraib, but I didn't have the opportunity to partake in any of the beatings or realize any of my sexual fantasies while I was there." And then his or her glare looks me up and down again and thinks, "Yep, sure you didn't. You look like one of those demented types to me."

So, my boss Phil, looks back at me and says, "So, what do you think? You ready to go? Well, think about it some. Oh, and Allen (our former tech control leader who is a friend of mine here at Victory (go figure) who has moved over to the RSC next door) says to let you know that you've been "had"!!

Un-fricken-believable. It was like a bad candid camera stunt! Phil said that he could see my face go flush when he said it. It's funny now, but I was pondering how I was going to fit everything in my suitcases to head back home tomorrow. There is now way in hell that I was going to Abu Ghraib. Originally, Phil explained, there was a request for us to possibly support this, but now that has changed. With any luck maybe the prison will be comingdown, inshalla. After all the horrible things that happened there during the Saddam regime and now all that has happened there during the US occupation, it needs to come down.
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