Tuesday, May 04, 2004

...And Deeper

...And Deeper
Tuesday, May 4, 2004
11:04:00 PM CDT

04 May 2004

We had quite a little mortar party last night. About twelve mortars were deployed from Victory over about an eight minute period. I h aven't heard that many mortars fired since I've been here. As each one deployed, you could feel the tremble from the sound. Blue was watching them up in his guard tower and could see impact in the far distance on a few of them.

I reqad on MSNBC that there were some disturbances to the west of Baghdad, so that must have been the little party we were providing favors for. Eve's friend Jerry who is at Taji also called her to say that the insurgents were having a little gate-crashing party there. She said that he said that they tried to storm the gate. I wasn't there, so I can't confirm or deny the stories. Truth be told, I ain't making any field trips to Taji in the near future to find out.

After so many days of turkey rolls and rice, the chow hall received some food. Last night we had steak and shrimp. I just figured it was something they dug out of the freezer after finding it under all those turkey rolls! We haven't been down to MRE's yet, but the selection has been somewhat reduced. Haven't seen bananas in a week or so and lettuce only once or twice a week. At one point two weeks ago, there were some 18 semi's with food up at Balad awaiting a convoy escort. One of the trucks last week arrived with a hole through the cargo trailer. Must have been hit by an RPG or something. It had a big incenderary (sp?) splat mark on it. I had to catch a picture of that. Yes, I know, I will work on finding a way to post pictures.

Gotta laugh. One of our circuits going into downtown Baghdad traverses a tower in the swamp here on Victory. Well, we had some rain a few nights ago and the field had some standing water where the vehicles were--about two feet over an acre. Yesterday they dug a hole to drain the water to so they could use a pump to pump it into the lake. Looks like they hit an underground spring! The whole area is like a lake now. About three feet of water over a five acre area. Then one of the vehicles sunk into the hole up to the rear hatch. I got a great deal for you on some swamp land in Baghdad. No, really! And it's next to the airport! It's going to be the next Disneyland. Haji Disney!
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