Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Don Your Hip Boots, It's Gittin' Deep

Don Your Hip Boots, It's Gittin' Deep
Tuesday, May 4, 2004
9:53:00 AM CDT

02 May 2004

Mornin' All! The word from Victory is that three so far have been released. "Termination for Convenience of the Company" is the release they have been presented with. Ben, who came to Victory from Balad/Camp Anaconda about four weeks ago, Charles from ISG who was called back from vacation in the States, and Kenny who has been at Victory for over six months. Another two Network Admins have been released from Balad.

The unofficial excuse that is making the rounds is that "resources"(meaning ITT employees) were realigned to correct an error in manning in Iraq. The resources for Iraq and the resources for the new Multinational Support Team to be activated in Babylon had been combined and now the Army is insisting that they be split up. This left Joe (country manager) with the responsibility of realigning poeple and dealing with overages since they had since already hired more people for the Multinational contract.

Now, this could all be a crock of sh**, but it's about the closest thing to an excuse that I've heard for layoffs so far. Oh yeah, did I mention that you can also make the "A" list to be layed off if you have pissed off Joe anywhere along the line here. I started to talking with Ben the morning that he got his notice and he was removed from Balad after a long discussion with Joe. Charles and Kenny also got on Joe's bad side at one time. Three people who found out they were on the "A" list even volunteered to be separated, but were turned down. That should make their remaining time a pleasant time. Others who are to be going on vacation during this next month have even mentioned under their breath that they won't be coming back. They have had enough of the school of ITT Management by Intimidation.

I'm still wondering about my future as I was pissing on Joe's Wheaties about four weeks ago when I got back from QC training in Qatar. Not on purpose mind you, but he had assigned me QC responsibilities. Then he decided that he didn't want to participate in any program (namely ISO9000 or OSHA rules) that is going to increase his paperwork load. Paperwork! We don't need no stinkin paperwork!! Supposedly, he is too busy ducking bullets, mortars and rockets to fill out paperwork. I am trying to figure out what front of this war he is on because we haven't been ducking bullets here at Victory and he is only across the highway at ISG/Camp Slayer from us. I guess I picked a bad month to forget my hip boots in Doha, Qatar.
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