Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Innocence Lost

Innocence Lost

26 May 2004

Not too much new happening here. Everything has been so routine, I've completely lost track of the days of the week here. People have started to go home on leave now as some of them start to hit their six month mark. Still wondering how many of them will jump ship and not come back, or will come back but with another company for more money.

As a contract worker, money is the name of the game. We are treated like soldiers of fortune, so it shouldn't be too surprising that we act like it. So often there is no dedication to the company because the company has no real interest in us. We are just bodies put in place for the company to collect their paycheck from Uncle Sugar. Bookmarks. Business is, after all, business.

The weather has started to get hotter here. Yesterday was up around 110F. By August, we are warned it will be in the 130's. Dehydration is always a concern. If you wait to drink water until you're thirsty, you are already dehydrated. The A/C in the tech control can't even keep up with the heat generated by our equipment now, I'm wondering what will happen when our unit finally gives up the ghost in the dead of summer and they have to install a real A/C unit in here. They put a bunch of new ones in every other area, can't figure out why they didn't think this area needed one. Hopefully, it won't be after we have fried equipment due to the heat.

Still keeping up with my running. I've been doing 6 miles about every other day, trying to build up strength. The one guy that I run with every so often is hinting that he'd like to take on a 9 miler around the "Victory North back 40" as it is known. It is outside the perimeter of the main palace grounds, but still in the green zone. I'm interested, but I need to feel comfortable being dogged-out by him at 6 miles beforeI try a 9 miler. It has been over 15 years since I've done that kind of distance. I'm pretty content doing my early morning run at 5am. No traffic to contend with. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

It's funny how being away from the safe environment of home has changed me already. Last night I saw a shooting star. Instead of wishing on it in child-like wonderment, I looked closer to make sure that it wasn't tracer fire or flares. Innocence lost.
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