Monday, May 31, 2004

The Sound of Freedom

The Sound of Freedom

31 May 2004

Kind of in a wicked mood right now (I don't understand, I took my bloodpressure medication today!!). AOL is giving me a hard time (I'm thinking of moving the journal over to and I got a blister on my toe from my run three days ago so I haven't been able to run over the past couple of days following. I'm waking up at 5 am wanting to run, but can't, so I'm climbing the walls. Maybe tomorrow with any luck. Watched Cast Away last night. What a great movie!! I just knew that that stinkin two-timing-volleyball was going to take off on him. So many people commented on the length of the film, but I didn't find it that long. It actually answered questions you normally would have liked to find out upon his return back home and about how he would deal with fitting back into civilization. You know, the kind of questions you might have about yourself after spending too much time in Antarctica! ;)

On Saturday, I went over to the bazzare over by the PX on North Victory. One of the vendors had a painting of an old Arab guy that I had seen a couple of times before when I was there but never bought. So when I was there this time, it was gone. So I asked the guy about it and if he had others. He called on his cell phone to his other store and sure enough, he did! I bought it Saturday and now have *real* art hanging in my trailer. Maybe I'm getting too uppidy for the neighborhood! I'll have to look for a velvet Elvis next time I'm there, or maybe a tapestry with the dogs playing cards.

Last night around 11:30 pm or so, I had just laid down and about to drop off to sleep when I heard some semi automatic rounds fired; and nearby! The first thing that I thought was (no, not "Ahh, the sound of freedom," but "damn, that was kind of close by!" And if it is Haji coming over the walls again, I'm safer in here behind a locked door (even though it is a hollow-core wood door) with sandbags around the trailer than out there. First reports this morning were that a civilian and an Army guy got drunk, stole a Humvee and were firing rounds into the air. The latest is that it was only one Army guy who got a "Dear John" letter, got drunk, fired rounds which hit trailers in the Dodge South area (yes, I'm in Dodge South, I told you it was the "no frills district") and then led the military on a goose chase, totalling the Humvee in the process. The Humvee also had a number of rounds put into it. Just maybe this is the reason behind General Order 1 about no alcohol. You know, the whole guns and liquor thing.
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