Saturday, May 01, 2004

Things That Fall From The Sky

Things That Fall From The Sky
Sunday, May 2, 2004
1:01:00 AM CDT

01 May 2004

It had been a pretty warm day yesterday and as the darkness of night closed in, we began to see heat lightening. I noticed when I ran yesterday that the balloon was donw, so they must have been expecting weather. Just kicked back and was listening to some Phil Collins on the computer around 9:30 or so . During some of the drumming in "Tonight, tonight, tonight," three mortars exploded at our end of the base like they were part of the music. Ron put on his flak jacket to wander around and I decided to duck into the concrete shelter next to the tent to wait it out. These were too close to us not to take some precautions. People had started moving around again and the joggers were taking back to the streets. We waited about ten minutes or so and went back into the tent. Just then, thunder and more lightening. It was hard to tell if it was more incoming or if it was a storm moving in. As we got back in the tent, the rain began and then hail. Hail the size of garbanzo beans came down for about ten minutes. If you don't know what a garbanzo is, it is larger than a pea and smaller than a grapefruit. Look it up in the dictionary. Hopefully, I've spelled it correctly!

Shane and Phil (our site sup and RSC sup) wandered over after checking out the possible carnage from the mortars. We were hoping for the best (that the KBR housing office was smoked! You know, KBR the wonderful people who have been jerking around ITT employees at Victory since the contract started), but it looks like the mortars landed in the palm grove behind the transient tent (the first tent I lived in when I first got to Victory) used to be. They've since taken down the tent and moved in office trailers. Well, it almost got the KBR Housing Office, but missed. Shane said that the MP's were over there with floods trying to see if they could locate the impact and any remaining materials from any mortars, RPG's or rockets.

More wind and rain last night, but I slept like a baby with the raindrops tapping on the tent. At least the rain kept down the dust. The way the wind blows around here, everyday you come back to the tent with a new layer of dust and dirt deposited over everything. We live in a perpetual dustbowl. Still hoping my number comes up soon for a trailer. You know you're stooping low when you're greatest aspirationis to be trailer trash!
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