Thursday, May 13, 2004

Tracers Red Glare

Tracers Red Glare

13 May 2004

Last night was pretty interesting. It was around 945pm and the locals started sending up flares and firing tracer rounds into the air all over the city. From outside our tent and looking to the south and east towards Baghdad, tracer rounds were going up in all directions. I remember seeing them on CNN when the war started, but they always appeared green because of the camera and lighting used. Actually, they appear red in the sky. There had been helocopters in the air an hour earlier, but now there were no flight ops going on at Victory, so who knows what it was all about. Heard that one of the tracer rounds landed on a trailer last night and made it through the metal roof only to land on the chest of the guy inside like it had been dropped from a couple of feet above him. Some KBR guy on North Victory also took some stray round in the shoulder this morning at about 6 am.

Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Iraq today. One of my coworkers, Randel, saw him at the Palace. Randel was wearing an International (as in Navistar Trucks) cap and Don complimented him on the cap. Actually, I'm pretty sure that Don came here to kick my ass after my journal entries suggesting that he should "fix it NOW or move over." Good thing I was keeping a low profile. I should have known that he or someone important was on site by the tank that was parked across the access road to the chow hall. You could walk by it, but no motor vehicles were allowed near the chow hall in the evening.

This morning would have been the perfect morning to run a 6 mile. It was about 65F and breezy and clear--even at 5 am. But, I couldn't get my butt up early enough, so I only ran 3.5 miles. After te 100 plus degree days that we have been having lately, this cool spell is a nice break.
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