Thursday, May 27, 2004

Trailer Trash At Last!

Trailer Trash At Last!

27 May 2004

Yep, you guessed it; got my trailer assignment today. Yahoo! I'm officially trailer trash. I've already gone up on and ordered my lawn gnomes and flock of pink flamingos for in front. Remember here, I'm one quarter Bohemian and they were all from (yep, you guessed it again) BERWYN!! (enter flashback of Son of Svengooli--it's a Chicago thing, okay?) Anyway, I moved in today and am rooming with another ITT guy, Scott, who is working mids. So we will both have some privacy too since I'm on days.

The trailer is about the length and width of a standard single-wide divided into three rooms each of about 15X12 feet. Each room is shared by two people, so six to a trailer. No running water or bathrooms in these trailers--there are shower and toilet trailers only about 200 feet away. It's a far cry from my 1962 vintage singe-wide which was built with 2X2 walls that I rented my sophmore year down in Carbondale back in 1979-1980. No aqua kitchen with matching stove, sink and refrig, and no couch with the big sink-hole on the left side. Although, now that couch would kind of be nice for outside the trailer to provide "porch ambiance."

Which reminds me, I need to make a dental appointment at CPA to have a few front teefers removed. It wasn't in the rental agreement, but I'm worried about fitting in in this neighborhood. Dodge South where I'm at is in the "no frills" district. The trailers in Dodge North have carpet and large closet cabinets, where we only have tile floors and 18 inch wide metal lockers. Still, it is better than the tents. Much quieter and the A/C actually works. I've also heard that we have a lot fewer bugs, mice and less dirt.

Honestly though, iti s a real kick to finally be in a trailer now. If only the BX had plug converters in stock so I don't have to run my PC battery down. I'll have to go on a boondoggle to North Victory BX or the Haji shop tomorrow and try to find one or wait till I'm off on Saturday.
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