Tuesday, June 08, 2004

If a Tree Falls in the Forest and Noone's Around...

If a Tree Falls in the Forest and Noone's Around...
08 June 2004

Day off today. Blowing off doing laundry. I'll just do it all at ISG on Saturday. Slept in today until 7 am. I just slept so good, it was hard to get up at 515 to run, so I didn't. Was on my way to the office and as I got to building 8, Allen and Scott were just leaving to take Scott to BIAP to go on leave. So, I tagged along with them since it would be better if Allen didn't have to make the return trip alone. He'd already been up all night. Besides, too many IED's (improvised explosive devices) in the roads these days--good to have a look-out with you. Stopped at the Haji shop too and picked up a set of Iraqi epaulets with ribbons & buttons from an Iraqi officer uniform. Got a set for my nephew too. My sister Deb, had already had a shadow box made for some six or eight Iraqi medals and had framed some old Iraqi currency that I sent back in my last trunk home. She gave it to him on his birthday on the 28th of May. So this will make a nice addition to his collection for Christmas.

I also wanted to go over to BIAP PX, but Allen was looking a little worn around the edges, so I figured that I'd nab a vehicle and head up there later. When we got back to Bldg 8, Ron was there and he asked if I got rattled out of bed by the three mortars or RPG's last night at around midnight. I asked if he was kidding. He said, no. He slept with his flak jacket and helmet on last night. Guess they almost landed as close as that one incoming mortar round the other night at 3 am. In fact, one of the trailers closer to the TMC (troop medical clinic (Thanks Clayton!)) in Dodge South was hit by an RPG last night, but it didn't explode. So now I ask you; if a tree falls in the forest and noone's around to hear it, does it make any sound? Better yet, if a mortar falls in the trailer park at Dodge South and noone wakes up to hear it, does it make any sound?

To continue with my busy schedule here today, I got back to bldg 7, but no vehicle was available. So I checked out my email and my journal and went to lunch with Eve at 1130. Don't exactly remember what I ate, but from what I remember, it wasn't too revolting! (You know that memory loss is supposed to be one of the side effects of these anthrax shots. Better stop them now, or I'll be going home and you'll think I developed Alzheimers while I was here). The food has actually been pretty good lately. In fact, news flash!!...Camp Victory now has a sandwich counter where they will prepare a sandwich for you to order! How's about that? It's almost like our own little Subway here!

Once I got back from chow, still no vehicle, but Hector asked if I'd go with him up to BIAP to pick up Victor. Ha! "You lose Carl Miller!" The bets were against Victor coming back, but he's here now. So, that was my second jaunt to BIAP of the day. Got to see a real cool formation of helocopters on the way back. Six helos were escorting some Iraqi dignitary over to downtown Baghdad at CPA from BIAP. It looked just like in the movies seeing the six of them moving in formation from the airport towards Baghdad.

By the time Hector, Victor and I returned, a vehicle had become available. I signed it out and headed to BIAP (of course) to the PX. I have been wanting to get a "Who's Your Baghdaddy?" t shirt and North Victory nor Victory had any. Also picked up a DVD and some other assorted stuff.

Got back from BIAP and went and got a hair cut. Only three barbers today. One was sick, and one was recovering from an electrocution at work last week. Sucks to be him. I'm betting that AAFES doesn't provide workman's comp to those Indian and Pakistani barbers. They really are great barbers too.

So here it is now 10 pm and I've just finished packing up a box and my trunk of gifts to send home. Maybe I can get that in the mail soon so it will arrive by Thanksgiving. Actually, standard mail on trunks is about 6-8 weeks, priority about a couple of weeks. Even letters make it out to the world pretty fast now. Well, guess I'll read some Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix and turn in. I need to get up early at 5 am and run tomorrow since I blew it off this morning.
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