Monday, June 07, 2004

Things That Go Boom In The Night

Things That Go Boom In The Night
07 June 2004

This last week has been interesting at best. I have probably called aol every name in the book and then invented some more. Over the past few weeks, I've had nothing but grief trying to access my email and my journal. Finally, last week Monday, I made the decision to move everything.

Before I left home, I had set up duplicate journals in aol and blogspot. Aol initially seemed easier to use until the last month. Over the past week I have been copying and pasting journal entries from the last six months, 100 all total, into blogspot. Oddly enough, today I was reviewing the journal entries that I've moved and found a duplicate entry. When I opened up the duplicate, only a partial title appeared. The beginning part of the writing was mine, but as I read down, it wasn't my writing! It wasn't even my style. It's already hot enough here at 120F, so you don't want to know too much more. Ok, just a little. As I started reading this new addition to my writing, somehow someone else's XXX-rated sex journal was inserted (excuse the pun), alright, it was pasted into my journal entry! Whoa Momma! You could have fried eggs on her sheets!! So let's just say that I'm off to an interesting start with blogspot.

I have also moved my email over to Yahoo. I will send out messages or copy/paste responses into my received email when I return mail. I'm giving myself two months before I pull the plug on aol.

Saturday there was a free concert at the Palace at 10 am. Toby Keith and Ted Nugent played for the troops here. I was going to go, but had forgotten about it and had already made plans to go over to ISG to do laundry and then over to North Victory to the PX. I heard that it was a great concert too. Oh well, I'll make sure to go to the next one.

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, but last night broke that silence. I got woken up a couple of minutes before 3 am by a huge ba-boom! You could feel the concussion of it inside the trailer. I wasn't really alarmed, but the big question after something like that is whether to 1) roll over and go back to sleep, 2) lay awake for a couple of minutes to see if there were more coming in, or 3) get up and take a leak. I chose to get up and take a leak. I saw a few other gophers running around some in boxers and battle rattle, but most were out and about doing the same as me without helmet or vest.

Got to work this morning to find out that there were actually three mortars incoming, but the last one was the closest and loudest. Then I got to talking with the midnight guy we were relieving . He was working with CPA (in downtown Baghdad) last night while they were under attack. He could hear the machine guns, mortars and RPG's over the phone. So I guess that CPA got hit pretty hard last night.

At this point, we are wondering if we should expect more of this as the June 30th turnover date gets closer. As always, wait and see.
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