Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A "Little" Off the Sides

A "Little" Off the Sides
28 July 2004

A letter from my sister addressing my previous entry, "Well, at least I'm PMSing!" At least I acknowledged that I was crabby.

I'm off shift tonight, so I stayed up until about 11am this morning to take care of the usual chores. Ran over to the post office and then went over to get a hair cut. So, I sit down in the chair and the guy kind of motions like, "okay, how do you want it cut." Thinking to myself that he may not have full comprehension of what I said, I'm wondering if it really matters how I say I want it cut, I'll probably get what he thinks I need.

So he grabs the clippers and brrrrr-zip! Even with my glasses off, I could see it was damned near down to the skin!!! I guess that I didn't have to speak Hindi for him to realize that I was not quite approving of his new hair statement for me. Maybe it was my eyebrows touching my hairline after his first swipe that gave it away! You know, that look of "OMG, what have you done!?"

At that point, you gotta roll with it. There are so many guys here on post with shaven heads and "high and tights", that I won't stand out anyway. It's just the initial shock of wondering how I will look in a "Sined O'Conner" cut. The barber then indicated (kind of like Lassy indicating to June that Timmy has fallen in the well) that he would be trimming it in with what was left on the top of my head. My hair grows fast anyway. It's not like he just gave me a mohawk or something. Life is just full of surprises--at least that was what my sister Deb said when she was describing her first bikini wax by the steroid-beast Helga!

I was cruising the internet last night about jobs. Trying to get a feel for what is possible in this still jobless recovery (other than flipping burgers or sales positions with AT&T for $30K a year.) Found one at the FAA that I am going to take a closer look at. Working back in Aurora or even in Elgin could be a good thing. Since I'm off tonight, I'm working on the resume and cover letter. Six months may be too soon to start looking, but at least I'll ge tback into the groove of the resume thing.

Then again, last month I just got notification via email that a job I submitted a resume for back in December has been filled! Maybe six months isn't too soon.

A couple of booms tonight on my way over to the shop around 10 pm. Sounded like outgoing. If they were incoming, they were north of us. Haven't heard too mucyh going on over the past few weeks. MSNBC had a write-up saying that it's too damned hot for the insurgents to be dragging all that stuff around. They are projecting that the insurgents are waiting until October when the temps are a more reasonable 90 degrees and the start of Ramadan around 16 October. Who knows?
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