Monday, July 26, 2004

OMG, I'm like so Shocked and Awed

OMG, I'm like so Shocked and Awed
27 July 2004

So here it is the 27th of July already. Caught a cold over the last half of last week that kind of snuck up on me and kicked my butt after shift on Saturday morning. I spent the most of Saturday from noon until about 6 pm Sunday in bed. Monday I was still a bit groggy, but feeling better today. This midnight shift deal still has my body a bit confused.

The political atmosphere here is spinning out of control. We have five different people thinking that they are in control and none of them have a clue about communications other than how to dial a phone. Add to that, most if not all of the Army people here--officers and enlisted, are supply weenies! If the civilians were pulled out right this minute, the network would die a quick and painless death. How is it that not one comms person has been recruited or trained to support this National Guard unit that is tasked to support a comms mission!?! Beats the living hell outta me, Georgie! Was this your idea Donnie? Oh, now I understand. Boy, am I shocked and awed! (at the stupidity of it all) Great game plan.

There is a magnet on one of our nodes in the shop which reads:
We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible, for the ungrateful. We have done so much for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything with nothing!

Even management is about beyond any hope of understanding what our job requires, what resources, training, experience and manpower is required. The whole operation runs on the theory of "Hair on Fire." They wait until some situation has become so completely out of control and then run around like their hair is on fire trying to find a solution. Or better yet, delegate the problem to us at that point to resolve the cluster"mess" they have created by waiting so long to open their eyes. Like we are supposed to poop out some perfect solution at that point!

Bitter? No. Fed up with being treated as morons? Maybe just a bit. Just tired of no game plan, a nebulous job description and rules changing at every corner. It's a bit like playing "crack the whip" and we're on the end. I just want to wake up one morning and find out it's January 24th, 2005 and my contract is completed. Sorry, I'm a little cranky today!
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