Thursday, July 08, 2004

Rest In Peace, Little Wags

Rest In Peace, Little Wags
08 Jul 2004

I received Deb's email today, breaking the news to me that Wags passed away this week. Wags started out as Deb's dog, but when she moved up from Kentucky and lived with Mom for that time, he quickly became Mom's. He lived a good long life of about 12 years. He was a pure black Yorkshire-Dachshund long-hair mix. And he always was ready to chase his blue ball. He got to be a bit much for Mom to take care of last summer with her failing health and all those stairs, so he spent most of last summer at our ex-step father, Bob's. Wags had a heart condition, as did Mom. She always said that if he was suffering, she wouldn't wait to put him down. She had waited too long for Higgins and she didn't want to see Wags in the kind of pain that Higgy went through.

She loved that dog so much, but she just couldn't handle the up and down of the stairs without taking two or three breaks just to make it back to the top again. Mom's biggest worry last year was what would become of her pets if something happened to her. She was so worried that she wouldn't outlive her pets. Thankfully, Bob took them all after Mom passed--Wags and her two cats. She always commented about how much little Waggers loved going out on the boat fishing with Bob. Mom would never have passed in peace last September without knowing that the animals were properly cared for.

So now I sit here writing, trying to see the blurred lines on the paper and trying not to smear the ink, through my tears and silent sobs. Realizing that we've lost yet another part of Mom--almost like losing her all over again.

Wags was just such a darned cute doggie. Always happy and always ready to play ball. Bob said to Dee that Wags came in from doing his business the other morning, curled up in the middle of the livingroom and just went to sleep. Thank you, Bob, for taking such tender care of Wags.

Rest peacefully, little Wags. Go and join Mom now. We know that you've missed her so over the last year, as have we. I know in my heart that she is waiting for you.
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