Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Strange Dreams and Hot Chocolate

Strange Dreams and Hot Chocolate
14 July 2004

Strange dreams last night. Scott and I are walking to building 8 this morning and out of nowhere, I had to check my wallet for the $100 bill Eve gave me a couple of days ago (as payback for her AVON stuff that my sister ordered and sent.) In my dream this morning, I was out to lunch with a friend of mine and I paid for lunch with his $100 bill. The waitress never came back with change and my friend is saying to me, "don't cause any scene because I work here and I have to work with these people." So now I'm checking my wallet for money. Go figure.

A problem at work yesterday was the setting for another dream that I had last night. I ended up passing a fiber problem onto another team in building 8 for investigation. I turned it over to this seargent responsible for checking the fiber between the palace and building 8 then to building 7. So in my dream, I walked into the sgt's office and he was sitting at his desk with his back to me and was dressed like Uncle Fester in the Addams Family! He already has a round shaven head, kinda like Uncle Fester, so maybe that is what started my major brain malfunction here. Then when he turned around to face me, he had the light bulb in his mouth and was asking me if he could help me! Have you ever woken up from a dream laughing?

The dreaming hasn't been as bizzare as the dreams that I had when I wintered over in the Antarctic, but they sure have been interesting. Speaking of the Antarctic, I was up reading a couple of the current journals of the winter-overs at South Pole. Right now they are in the dead of winter darkness with minimal outside contact from the world and temps hitting -100F. What a dicotomy-- -100F there and +120F here. But, both places are still considered virtual deserts. Dan Taxson had asked me for info on the Antarctic after we were talking while he and Jeff were here at Victory. So now I've included the link in the upper right corner - Bill Spindler's South Pole. Dan is the kind of guy who would do great on a winter-over at Pole. Hope he goes for it. The Raytheon link is there too for anyone thinking about it.

Life here is kind of routine about now. Not much going on, but the trials and tribulations of work. It's funny how things can become so routine in such a strange place. It's not bad, not good, just routine.

Went over to the gift store to buy a couple of small gifts to send home. Went to the barber shop to get the ears lowered or adjusted. Took my camera with and took some pictures around the base. My Gram has been wanting some visuals of where I live now, since I've moved into the trailer. So I got some shots of other things around here too. Most people are surprised at how green it is here. This wedge of land between the Tigris and Euphrates is the agricultural section of Iraq, so you have alot of green--date palms, lakes, greenery, etc. Also took pictures of the PX building, one of the pools on base, the trailers that house AT&T, the barber shop, the gift shop and some pictures of our beloved little trailer park. Finally got a shot of the bird house which was built originally as a bat house. It look slike an upside-down ice cream cone with holes in it and perches for the birds to roost on or bats to hang from.

Haven't been too inspired to go out and take pictures because of the heat. I'm soaked right now and am about ready for a shower before dinner. Then a quick walk to dinner and back and I'll probably want to take another shower! London isn't that far off now. I think that I'm ready for the cooler temps. I'll probably be freezing my butt off at night compared to the lows of 85F at night here. Maybe with some luck it will be rainy and foggy the whole time I'm there. I haven't seen rain in about five months.

On the softer side of things, Scott and I both picked up some German chocolate (Ritter Sport) when we were at North Victory PX today. In the ten minutes it took to walk back to the trailer from where we dropped the truck off, they had liquified in the 115F heat! Put them straight into the freezer and had some tonight. They seem no worse for the wear. The need for chocolate doesn't discriminate on whether it has changed form previously.
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