Monday, August 09, 2004

Laundry, Lunch, Sleep, Dinner, Sleep, Run, Sleep...

Laundry, Lunch, Sleep, Dinner, Sleep, Run, Sleep...
08 August 2004

Well, it's Sunday night and I'm back to work. Got off work on Saturday morning at 8 am and went over to ISG (Camp Slayer) with Scott and Shane to do laundry. Had lunch again at that new Camp Slayer Restaurant. I had the chicken shawarma plate--chicken meat spiced and cut off a spit like gyros with tomato and cucumber with pita bread and mayo. Pretty stinkin good! Shane and Scott also got some hummus that was great. I bummed some of theirs from them. This hummus had like peanut or sesame oil in it, so it tasted a bit different than what I've had at the Ishtar. Still, really great stuff. I hadn't had any hummus in awhile since I haven't been over to the Ishtar in forever, and I've really had a taste for it too.

We made a quick trip out to the big PX at North Victory and by the time we got back to the trailer and I made my bed (with clean sheets), it was already after 2pm. I was bushed, but I promised Eve that I would go out with the group that night to the Ishtar, so I only ended up getting about 3-1/2 hours of sleep in the afternoon. On the trip out to the airport, I'm noticing that things are starting to change already. Preparations for opening the highway to BIAP are becoming more noticable. As I mentioned earlier, 18 foot blast barriers have been added to the sides of the highway along Camp Victory down to the curve around the airport. Now add to that, they have taken down the Bob Hope Chow Hall by BIAP and the place almost looks abandoned. At the airport, we could no longer drive around the upper deck by the departures area. Now you can only drive to the lower level of the parking garage on the far end and park at the far end away from the terminal. The lighting is less than adequate--there is none. Wasn't a problem when we arrived as we still had daylight, only when we were leaving.

The food and the company were good. The restaurant was quite a bit slower than it usually is for a Saturday night. We were the only group in the place. By 11pm, we were ready to beat feet. Making our way down the unfamiliar areas in the dark garage was interesting, but most of us have these tiny micro flashlights on our keychains. You need it even around the post since street lighting is kept off at night to discourage accurate mortar attacks. Several in the group were exercising more caution now and insisted that we check over the vehicles prior to getting in. Look underneath for any tampering or extra wires. This might be one of my last trips out there. Even though we are still in a green zone, the changes are becoming too obvious.

Stopped by Jay's trailer for a little more conversation and such, but I was dead tired and left to get back to my trailer. I had a bed with clean sheets calling my name and was back to sleep within ten minutes of hitting the pillow. I slept like a log until 730 and then got up and ran. Did a lap around Lost Lake. I was only good for 2.5 miles today. At first I thought that I would be up for the day, but after I showered, I layed back on the bed and was out again until 4. These midnight shifts might just kill me yet. I never know when I'm supposed to sleep and when I'm supposed to be awake. I guess if I am working I'm supposed to be awake and if I'm not working I"m supposed to sleep. Eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep. What a life.

With all the sandbags around our trailers finally breaking down and collapsing, KBR finally placed six foot concrete blast barriers around our trailer about three weeks ago. Today, they were placing blast barriers around the shower and bathroom trailers. These blast barriers are about six foot tall by ten foot long and about two feet wide with steel eyelets at the top. They are lowered and guided into place next to the trailers by cranes. They look like hell, but as long as they do the job they are supposed to do if we get more mortar attacks. We ain't looking for yard of the week here.
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