Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Catching Up

Catching Up
19 October 2004

I've not really been much in a writing mood lately. Just kind of blah. My step-father Bob passed away last week on the 13th and was buried on Saturday the 16th. I guess that and the change of seasons along with waking up when it's dark just kind of are all getting to me. I had an interesting surprise on Saturday morning. I'm sitting in the entry of building 7 watching TV at about 7 am and a guy comes up and asks if I know where Dave Gallas works. Well, of course I do. He introduces himself as Steve and says that his wife is a big fan of my journals! I forget what a small world we live in here. Web sites get passed around from people we all meet here and from CRC and soon enough, you've become the eyes of the world and giving people a glimpse of Iraq that they don't get from CNN.

I was actually quite flattered but it certainly makes me wonder if maybe I've said too much at times. He told me that my entry about the trailer being hit by the rocket was a bit unsettling to his wife. But at the same time, I'm writing my impressions of things that are happening to me as I am seeing them. I don't do it to shake people up, I'm just expressing my feelings as I'm spazzing out on paper!

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a guy who was considering taking a contract to come over to Iraq. He was weighing his options and asking my opinion on different companies, etc. In spite of my effort to not give him a biased opinion of ITT, he has chosen to come work for us. Haven't seen any email from him in some time, but I'm sure that I'll hear from him once he is in country. In fact, Steve complimented me on my description and commentary of CRC. He said that it provided him with accurate detail of what to expect throughout the whole CRC process.

This morning I was headed back from breakfast and decided to make a quick pit stop. Just as I'm about to step out of the porta pottie, I hear what sounds like a giant bottle rocket swoosh overhead. No booms, so I guess that was the good news. As I stepped out the door, I see Colin and Kevin picking themselves up off the ground. I think they about pooped their britches! I was just laughing and asking them if they had anymore of those bottle rockets. Damned kids, lighting off bottle rockets and pointing them at people! I guess that now I know the answer to what a rocket sounds like when it flies overhead. I think I'll pass on the sound of a mortar flying overhead, if you don't mind.
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