Friday, October 22, 2004

I Want My!

I Want My!
22 October 2004

I'm finally getting over the worst part of a cold that I came down with this week. I was sneezing a bit more than usual on Monday and Tuesday and just figured that it was the dust around here. It has been pretty dry and dusty lately. But, it wasn't dust, it was a cold. Wednesday morning when I got off work, Scott asked if I wanted to go up to North Victory with him, shopping. All I wanted to do was to hit the pillow! (That's when you know I was sick!) I have been wanting this carpet for two weeks now, and all I could think about was sleep! After I read this to Scott, he concurred that he knew I was sick when I didn't want to go shopping.

Speaking of a shopping fix...Amazon has really been my friend as of late. I've been ordering music, DVD's and books so I have them in time for Christmas. I've also ordered a few other books and movies inbetween. I just finished reading a book about the break-up of Yugoslavia. I started this book at home, but had to reread the parts I started. So many people that I work with here have spent time in Bosnia as part of the peacekeeping force or as contractors. This book dealt more with the political wranglings of the disintegration of Yugoslavia. I just ordered another book that was recommended by a couple of people here that deals more with the massacre at Srebrenica. Also ordered another hardcopy of Zlata's Diary. I think my first one is either with my neice or with my goddaughter, Andi.

Also ordered a book about a Civil War story that Disney made a movie about called The Great Locomotive Chase. I think that movie and book started my infatuation with the Civil War era as a kid. As I'm getting older, I'm finding that I want copies of books that made a big impression on me when I started reading more after the 5th and 6th grade. Kind of funny having some of these kids books in my collection, but they are like having a security blanket. Warm and fuzzy things from the past...

Strange dust storm happening tonight. It almost looks like a thick fog. There isn't any wind, so it is hard to believe that it is all dust. But it is leaving a layer of fine dust all over everything. The dust kind of resembles concrete mix, that's how fine it is. Around daybreak it started to settle some, but the air is still thick with dust. I thought about running for a bit, but who needs all that crap in your lungs, especially since I'm just getting over a cold.
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