Tuesday, October 12, 2004

IM Chit-chat with Pete (Do You Yahoo?)

IM Chit-chat with Pete (Do You Yahoo?)
12 October 2004

Had a good IM with Pete in KC today. An old friend from my Timeplex days. I finally set up my instant message ID and have been logging into it more often. Just thought I'd share my IM that I had with Pete. It gives a little insight into everyday life here...

dave: pete, i'm back. I was doing some running around, so to speak, on another domain
Pete : Dave. How are you doing?
dave: be right with ya. i'm logging up a ticket right now....
Pete : What are you doing up in the middle of the night?
dave: i'm back on mids...AGAIN! Story of my life
Pete : Oh yea, I forgot you are working mids.
dave: how bout you? What are you up to? Long time no hear.
Pete : How much longer will you be in Bahgdad?
dave: I'm scheduled to leave here at the end of January, but I'm probably going to stay on three more months
Pete : Why three months? $$?
dave: Yep, money in case I don't find a job right away! That way if I do find a job, I can pay off the student loans.
Pete : Why don't you start circulating your resume now?
dave: problem with circulating a resume now is that I can't be home to interview right now. I'm planning on taking a vacation in January and will put out some resumes then. That way if I find something, I can give my 30 day notice, hike back to Baghdad and pack things up.
Pete : Everytime I think of you, I think of MASH (desert style)
dave: Actually, it is very much like that except we live in trailers now. Although I started out in a tent!
Pete : How many hours do you work a day?
dave: we work 12 hour shifts 5 days a week.
dave: 3-1-2-1
Pete : Has it become pretty routine at this point? And do you really get scared once in awhile?
dave: My journal last week should have reflected a bit of fear when that trailer got hit! Things do become very routine very quickly. Every day is Groundhog Day!
dave: hitting the deck and donning a flak vest and helmet in the middle of the night is more routine than one should be allowed to get used to!
Pete : That was a wake up call. Have the attacks slowed down at all?
Pete : I'd be sleeping with it on all the time.
dave: yeah, alot less incoming this week. constant outgoing though over the past three days.
Pete : With the elections coming up, it could get even uglier!
dave: hard to say at this point. I think some areas are going to continue to be problems, but overall, most Iraqis just want peace and some type of safe environment so they can get on with their lives.
Pete : Sounds like you had a kick ass vacation.
dave: too much fun.
Pete : Did you eat up all your vacation days for the year?
dave: no way. we get a ton of days, plus we're given days each month in place of holidays. they used to rook us out of the holidays by not giving us our extra duty pay. Like the insurgents give us a holiday from rockets and mortars! So to make it more fair, the company is taking the holidays back and giving us extra vacation days to take at our discretion.
Pete: I have to dash
Pete: Are you working again tomorrow?
dave: no, i'm off tomorrow
dave: but i still check email and such.
Pete: Next time your working, IM me.
dave: ok, will do. you may see me up tomorrow when I''m checking email. still come into work for that. take care.
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