Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ode to Mom, Dad and My Second Ex-Step Father

Ode to Mom, Dad and My Second Ex-Step Father
10 October 2004

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad...well, if they had stayed married it would have been 45 years. I always said that they probably would have stayed married if they would have just bought adjoining duplexes and didn't live together! We buried Mom's ashes a year ago today and now I find out more bad news. Deb sent me an email last night which I'll paraphrase below:

"... Dee called last night while I was out. On Wednesday night, Noel called her saying he couldn't reach Bob & was getting worried .. could she run over there & check on him. She did & had the landlord let her into his apt. He had a stroke sometime either late Monday or early Tuesday - tho she didn't find him until 8pm on Wed night. He'd been laying on the couch essentially paralyzed all that time. She called 911 & then Noel and went to the hospital...He took a turn for the worse this morning while I was on w/ her & the hospital called her cell while we were chatting. They moved him back to ICU at noon and had to put him on a respirator & by dinner he had started hemmoraging at the brain stem and had slipped into an irreversable coma. They have to keep him on the respirator..."

Bob was Mom's third husband. Even though they divorced a few years ago, they still were in contact almost every day. He was always treated as family by Dee and me. He could be a jerk and difficult at times, but we still cared about him and we still considered him as part of our family. Dee was just saying last night that he would show up on her doorstep sometimes in the morning with Dunkin Donuts and coffee just to BS. She will miss him. I wish that I could be there to help console Dee and my Uncle Noel.

I am really saddened by this and will find some comfort at some point. The last year has been sad. First Mom, then Wags and now Bob. Sometimes being a million miles away is a blessing, but other times, you want to just hop a plane and be home with a normal life and wrap yourself in the comfort of family. I prayed last night that the good Lord would take him quickly so that he doesn't have to suffer. His kids are with him now at the hospital. Let him go in peace and without any more pain.
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