Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Rocket Attack Reactions

Rocket Attack Reactions
26 October 2004

This last rocket attack seems to have made some nerves raw around here with ITT people. Many of our newer employees over the past three months have been placed into the trailers at Freedom Village where the rocket landed. One of the guys I work with pals around with a female soldier who lives there, only about two trailers over from the site of impact. She hasn't been able to sleep since then and when she does, she sets the alarm for 3 am and high-tails it out of there to any building made of bricks and mortar. She won't shower until after daybreak. To reassure her, I told him to let her know that the last two rocket attacks that have landed in the trailers have been on Sunday mornings between 0445am and 0500am.

Another guy that I work with lives about two trailers over from the impact site. He has also had problems sleeping since then. Another ITT guy here is coming up on completing his contract and was going to extend for a month, but has decided to pack it in at this point. He only wanted to stay an extra month to make sure he makes his days out of the country for tax purposes, but he says now that it's just not worth the risk at this point. "I gotta make it home and see my babies." He's got two kids, a wife and a job offer he just got today to start in early December, that he needs to get back home to.

One other ITT guy that lives over in Freedom has also had a lot of trouble sleeping. He and his trailer-mate were one of the first people at the shower trailer after the attack. He says he can't get the vision out of his head of the one injured guy sitting in a towel on the barrier outside bleeding from shrapnal wounds to his head and neck and the other guy who died on the floor between the wall and the bench next to the shower covered in blood from shrapnal wounds.

He's only been here three months and is thinking about seeing if he can get moved down to Kuwait. He'd still be in-theater, but away from this BS. It definitely has a lot of contractor types here wondering if we are being paid enough.

Many suspect that the insurgents are using the towers from the mosque outside the back gait for spotting purposes. Seems like it is from that direction that the rockets and mortars are coming. Not to mention that the call to prayer seems to start right (I mean directly) after their party favors are shot off into Victory Base around 5am. I get a perfect view past the wall of this mosque whenever I run around Lost Lake. It looks innocent enough. There is also a housing area right around there too. So what good is having these balloons/blimps with cameras posted above the base if we aren't going to take any action to stop this kind of crap?
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