Saturday, October 09, 2004

Son of "Serial Mom"

Son of "Serial Mom"
09 October 2004

Okay, I haven't been completely honest lately. There had been reduction in vehicles here since my return, but I have been bumming a ride over to ISG with Scott and Shane on Saturday mornings the past few weeks to do laundry over there. However, this week we had no vehicle. They took Shane's truck, so now there isn't any chance of doing laundry...or is there? I have a bike now! Scott and I packed up backpacks and bungi corded laundry bags to our Huffy's (see, I really do need a Mary Poppins basket) and headed out on the 4 mile trek over to ISG. My laundry and I (in my quest to maintain the whitest whites) remain the pride and joy of someone who could rightfully be given the title of "son of Serial Mom." If you don't know of or haven't ever seen it, it is a classic Kathleen Turner flick--a "must rent" and future cult classic (along with Bagdad Cafe).

Maybe it's the cappuccinos at the MWR during the wash cycle, but I'm guessing that it is just the need for change of venue that drives this need for the whitest whites and clean tidy whities. You just gotta have a change of venue from Victory every so often. It certainly isn't the Turkish Coffee at the MWR!!

Last week when we were in line at MWR to get our usual cappuccinos, the guy in front of us recommended the Turkish Coffee as he was walking out with his. On his recommendation, we took the plunge. So we sit down and start reading Stars and Stripes and sipping out Turkish coffee in the common room. It was a situation where neither one of us could believe how terrible this stuff tasted, but we weren't going to admit it to one another. I finally gave in and said, "This stuff tastes like brewed grass!" I've been in DeKalb for manure spreading season and the taste of this coffee about beat out the smell of that. As I poured it out, it had two inches of fine ground something nasty. Don't ask! :P Disgusting. I went and got Scott and myself two of our regular cappuccinos--but it was spoiled for me by the fact that I kept belching up the brewed grass flavor. Well, let's chalk that one up to experience!

Anyway, laundry is done for this week. What a load to be dragging all over the Arabian desert. Since I've started running again, there is a lot more stuff to wash now. I think that Bo has the right idea by using his duffel bag to haul it over to ISG. He also bikes over to ISG to do laundry. Says that the duffel is the only way to go since he was dragging a blanket and sheets over with him. Man alive, how obsessed are we with our laundry? But it's either that or gray, dingy clothes that come back with funky stains compliments of KBR Laundry Service--anything from blueing to bleach to god-knows-what. And you really wonder if they are even washing the stuff sometimes. Certainly doesn't smell "April fresh" to me. Of course then there are the unaccounted for underwear that they lost on Jocelyn. Would you like to make a claim or put out a search bulletin for a missing pair of undies? Yes, they are pink with a couple of rips at the right leg...At least I have control of my clothes and know when they are done, when I will be able to wear them, who is wearing them or doing whatever with them! Sheez!

Today was a beautiful day. For the second day this week- clouds! I don't think we have seen clouds here in months. It almost looks like rain, it's great. I guess that means that we will have rain soon. One can only hope. I ran 4 miles yesterday but ended up walking for a little in the middle because it was so blasted hot again. By 0930, it felt like it was already 95F. At least when we have cloud cover, it doesn't feel so hot. But lately, we have had a bunch of humidity too. I guess it is a trade-off. Clouds for humidity versus hot with less humidity.
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