Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Day After

The Day After
14 November 2004 5:50pm

Oddly enough, I went back to sleep after going from the office back to my trailer this morning. Like I have said before, it seems like at times, sleep is the only way to escape this place. On my way back to the trailer, I wandered past the site from last night. Scott and I were talking about it as he had done the same this afternoon. Now I understand how and why you go back. It just helps to provide some closure. It doesn’t help you make any sense of the events, only helps to bring peace.

Scott ran into two of the medics from last night when he was over there. Now the events are falling into place better. How it all happened was that a mortar came in and went through the roof of the trailer at B2C/D. I guess it landed right between the two beds in the room, which is quite a coincidence since it can’t be but seven or eight feet across between our beds here. The thing strangely enough didn’t seriously injure the two people who were in that unit, one of them getting some shrapnel wounds and the other listed as “walking wounded.”

After the first mortar went off, the Sergeant in E/F went running out of his unit to assist must have been nearly hit by the next incoming mortar that followed the first one. While I noticed his wounds last night, Scott mentioned today that he didn’t see the wounds, but noticed that when the medics lifted the Sergeant’s body onto the stretcher, the blood leaked through his clothing onto the ground like it was being poured through a sieve. He was the one that was confirmed dead today.

Going past that area down row C, I looked through the yellow roped off area and saw his door off the hinges and his blood splattered onto the front of the door. Seeing the door and seeing the shrapnel riddled corner of that trailer, that mortar had to have landed nearly at his feet. The medics had remarked to Scott that with his wounds as serious as they were and his lack of response to CPR, they were very concerned that he was not going to make it when they were administering CPR. That has to be a very disheartening and helpless feeling.

The other guy in row C was injured by shrapnel coming through his trailer from the second impact. All total, three were injured and I guess one was med-evact’d up to Germany today.

There was another incoming mortar last night along with the first two, but no one seems to know where the impact was. Everyone (except me since I was still in a daze from sleeping) had heard three explosions, so maybe it ended up landing in the bank of trees about 100 feet further west of Dodge South.

As I started writing this in my room on my laptop, two more incoming exploded. Good thing I swept and washed the floor yesterday. We’ve been spending a lot of time laying around on it lately! Someone tell those guys that Ramadan is over as of last night. They can chill out now!
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