Friday, December 10, 2004

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

All Quiet on the Eastern Front

10 December 2004

Talked to Phil this morning. He picked up Razor's ashes Thursday night on his way home from work. He had ordered a wood urn/box for the ashes which has a nameplate and a holder where Phil was able to slip a picture on the urn. The vet also surprised him with a foot imprint in clay too. They took the imprint and then wrote Razor's name above it. I thought that was very thoughful. Phil said that Cayenne is adjusting well to being Queen of the domain. I'm sure the only thing she is missing about Razor being gone is that she can't raid his food bowl anymore. She always ate everything at once whereas Razor was a grazer. He'd eat a little, come back later, eat a little, come back later. I am going to miss the old fuzzbag.

KBR was in yesterday again taking voltage readings on my sockets and taking human inventory yet again. They just waltz right in with their entourage of six people like I invited them in or something. Maybe I was supposed to offer them a drink. I had just jumped into bed and now I'm entertaining six KBR people that I don't want in my room at 10 am. The one guy saw my jeans siting on the dresser and wanted to buy them off me. I told him I lost one pair at the laundry, so I couldn't sell this pair! Seeing how much they were selling for in London, I know now how much they cost to buy them overseas.

Scott, my trailer-mate went on leave about a week ago and I'm just now adjusting to living alone. I am just surprised how I was so used to having someone around all the time. I've been listening to music on the speakers and watching movies and sleeping all weird hours now. Better not get too used to the freedom, since he's coming back next week Friday.

This last week here at Camp Victory has been pretty quiet. About the most excitement that I've heard about was the lawn ornament brought in by some stupid young "Gomer" on Monday. I guess this young specialist thought that the unexploded mortar that he found would make a great lawn ornament. So he brings it into the mayor's cell area and sets it down. Well as soon as he reported what he'd found, they call out the EOD team. EOD takes one look at it and says that they aren't going to move it, they're gonna detonate it where it is sitting. It isn't like picking up pop bottles for the deposit money. How many times do they have to tell you, "If you didn't drop it, don't pick it up!?"

Imagine the thoughts going between Gomer's two brain cells when he realized that he just carried that thing over from god-knows-where to where it was detonated! It left about a 12 inch deep hole in the ground and about 2 foot around. I'm thinking that he is going to be on sweeping detail for the next, well...forever.

People are starting to get into the Christmas/holiday spirit here. One of the offices in the mayor's cell area has the base of a palm wrapped in colored lights and a sleigh and reindeer all lit up in white lights. Working night shift, we probably get to appreciate it more since we arrive in the dark, go past it at midnight chow and go to breakfast in the dark. The big PX had two foot fake trees prestrung with lights and one of the vendors at the haji mall on ISG even had tree ornaments from China, but I just can't seem to get into the spirit this year. It's just not the same. This year, "I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams."
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