Sunday, December 12, 2004

More Excuses

More Excuses

12 December 2004

Just what we need...more excuses from Uncle Donny. Don, either you're with us or against us; enough of your excuses. You invited us to this little party, now play the gracious host and do what you are supposed to do. NO MORE EXCUSES. People's lives are at stake here. Would you send your family out here without the proper tools to do the job? Then why would you expect us to send our military family out here? When I see you traveling between Basrah and Baghdad or Baghdad and Fallujah in a partially protected convoy with scavanged protective gear on your Humvee, then you can tell us that "we go to war with the army that we have.",1,3302014.story?coll=chi-news-hed

It isn't like we just jumped into this game last week. Who the heck is doing your equipment ordering and evaluation to make sure that the equipment is fit for duty? Are you telling me that they just sprung this info on you last week? We've been here over one frinkin year now. When are our soldiers going to get the equipment, spare parts and support from back home that they require to accomplish the job? Congress has approved how many budget increases for this Iraq skirmish now? It isn't exactly new news that this occupation is going on longer than expected and that our host country here is less than thrilled with our extended stay.

I am entitled to rant and rave. I live and work in this wonderful little stink-hole! I get jossled awake by the mortars and rockets just like the soldiers. I've seen the damage they do and the lives that they take. Thank god, I don't have to go out into the streets and highways of Baghdad like so many of these brave men and women that we live with here have to. Is it too much to demand that proper equipment be provided to the brave soldiers that our taxpayers are sponsoring over here?

Same goes for the protection that should be installed around the trailers here on Camp Victory and in other camps like Anaconda and Taji, that have always been taking constant mortar and rocket attacks. Yesterday we had another rocket attack. One rocket hit the five foot tall protective sand barriers next to a trailer in Dodge North. If I look over to North from my trailer, it landed even with my trailer about 300 yards north as the crow flies...or as the rocket flies.

The trailer across from the landing area was sprayed with shrapnel which also separated some of the siding off the trailer so the occupants had to move out of that end unit. I did go back later and take a few pictures, but really there isn't much to take a picture of. A big white trailer with black pock marks, a hole in the ground and some rocks and dirt scattered around. Real riviting view. I had just jumped into bed when they hit around 0830.

One of my coworkers broke his leg yesterday. He was trying to jump across one of the old concrete drainage ditches at 3 am and didn't make it. They say that his ankle swelled up as big as his head and that you couldn't even see his toe nails. From what I hear, he broke both bones near the ankle and will need pins, operations, rehab, you-name-it. He is now sitting at CPA probably pumped up on good pain killers awaiting a medevac out to Germany.

The weather is cooler and we have had some rain, but no gully-washers. Just enough to muddy up things.
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