Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Mosul Attack

21 December 2004

Got woken up again this afternoon by mortars; four of them around 4pm. Only the last one sounded anywhere near us. In my tired stupor, I rolled onto the floor, put my helmet on and nearly fell asleep while curled up in a ball on my little carpet at the side of my bed. Since I hadn’t heard anything more after about five minutes, I crawled back up onto the bed and proceeded to go back to sleep for another hour. We’ve been hearing mortars on and off again the past few days, but none that have been too close. Mostly sound like they are aimed at North Victory lately.

I got to the chow hall at around 6pm and saw on the televisions there the reports about the Mosul attack. I can’t say that I’m surprised. I can say that when I got back to work and read the reports on MSNBC.com. They are printing more descriptive stuff than I was and I’m the one that got squelched by management for possible opsec violations! Gimme a break, already. What I was reading looked like it was copied directly out of my journal a couple of weeks back. Then again, a mortar and rocket attack here yields the same results when they hit their targets. The color of the uniforms, the blood and the tents/trailers are all the same, no matter where the attack happens in Iraq.

Only another three weeks here left to go. I guess I’m ready to get out of here. Can’t seem to get into the spirit of the season…in fact, the days just kind of slip by one by one, nothing really changes. The weather has gotten cooler and we’ve had a few cold days and frost on one morning, but other than that it’s all the same.
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