Monday, January 10, 2005

Change of Heart

Change of Heart

10 January 2005

Talk about waiting until the last minute; here I am on Friday night five days prior to my departure and I am sending messages requesting to stay for a couple of more months! We have the openings and we have some that are going to be going on vacation that I couldn’t see any harm in asking to stay on longer. Why the cold feet about leaving at the 11th hour? I guess that I’m more afraid of being unemployed again than I am of the mortars. That and you can’t pad the bank account enough for that rainy day.

I sent off a letter to our country manager to grovel some and let him know that I’d like to stay longer and he was very responsive to the idea of me staying. I’m sure that it didn’t hurt that I pointed out what a dedicated employee I am, how I enjoy the people and job. We exchanged some nice light email that Saturday morning prior to his phone meeting with HR which at least reassured me that he liked the idea. Now I just have to hear back from HR about what they need me to do for this little extension.

Honestly, I hadn’t expected to want to stay any longer all the way up till this week. That little bit of insecurity kicked in and that was it. Phil isn’t taking it well on the homefront, but I explained to him this morning the internal need for me to have more set aside than what is already there. I don’t have anyone else to bail me out if I fall flat. It’s just me and my bills.

Things here have been relatively quiet lately. They must be saving the fireworks for the grande finale at election time. Security has gotten very tight in every building since Mosul. We have been used to no backpacks and pat-downs going into the chow halls, but now you can’t even take a backpack with you into the PX to leave at the cubby holes at the door. Suppose it is good, but it seems like more and more of our lives here are being dictated to us when they really could be restricting the access of TCN’s and especially restricting access and movement of Iraqi nationals on the sites.

Another issue that sort of raises my eyebrows is this restriction they have now put on us concerning our blog sites. Here they are telling me and others that our blogs are compromising operation security when management then goes and puts out a memo on the unsecure lines/our army email boxes that no ITT people will be transported from Doha to the theater from 03 Jan until 09 Jan. Can't say too much more about it at this time, but it's politics as usual.

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