Saturday, January 22, 2005

More Afraid of Unemployment than of Mortars

22 January 2005

I'm baaack! Well, actually, I never left. Yes, I'm supposed to be back at home in Illinois by this time; snowbound by the snowstorm currently hitting the midwest and Chicago. But I'm still in Baghdad. After pondering the possibilities of going back home, I pulled an eleventh hour save and called my country manager to stay here for another couple of months.

I know, it sounds crazy, but I guess that I'm just more afraid of unemployment right now, than I am of mortars and rockets! I've been posting and submitting resumes over the last six weeks prior to my departure date and not once have I received even an email of interest. Granted, I probably need to be home to interview, but one would think that I would have at least received something of interest. All this leads me to really wonder whether the job market has actually improved any since I left one year ago. Sure, I can flip burgers, but is this going to pay the car payment on the Bentley and the mortgage on the mansion?

All in all, I'm not disappointed. I like the job I'm doing here, I like the people that I work with and I feel in my "heart of hearts" that I'm supporting an important mission. I can truly say that I never felt this way in my last three jobs at Lucent, Allegiance Telecom or at Tellabs.

I feel your pain. Right now I'm on the job hunt. Hopefully I'll have something by the first of the month. Do have an "all day" interview tommorow. When you get back stateside and are down the St Louis way, look me up.

Cary P
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